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Re: [GreenYes] Fw: beverage container bill

She has a point about milk containers -- they are not exempt in 
Canada.  Their exemptions around the world are strictly political I 
think.  Power of local dairies?


At 05:13 PM 4/23/02 -0400, Bill Sheehan wrote:
>----- Original Message -----
>From: "Sue Peake" <>
>To: <>
>Sent: Tuesday, April 23, 2002 12:00 PM
>Subject: beverage container bill
>For Mr. Bill Sheehan, executive director
>I just read an article wherein you (and Senator Jeffords) support forcing a
>manufacturer to be responsible for the ultimate disposal of its product
>container.     I'm no doubt wasting my time writing, but am appalled at the
>idea!!!  I hope you won't criticize me personally----criticize my ideas, but
>no "character assination" please!!   Please note that I think your ideas
>stupid---I do not call YOU 'stupid.'
>In America, you would FORCE a manufacturer to be responsible for the
>ultimate disposal of its product container!!!     I've listed, below, my own
>life style, which is very close to zero waste, but I'm also an American and
>am truly horrified at this incredibly invasive, unenforceable and foolish
>proposal.    The hypocrisy of excluding milk containers takes my breath
>away!!!!     I do hope it has been misreported.    You cannot possibly
>support such a stupid idea!!!           Sue Peake    California
>I do the following for my planet:
>Recycle newspapers, plastic, cans and glass; including re-using paper and
>plastic bags for 2-3 uses.     Take my own shopping bag (cloth) to the
>grocery store.
>Combine errands (including medical appointments) and use my car as little as
>once a week. (I live in a rural area so public transportation isn't near
>Cut up large, used mailing envelopes to make note paper.
>Bury (compost) all my wet garbage.
>Turn on my insulated electric water heater once or twice a week for about 30
>minutes each time.
>Reuse my laundry water to wash 2-3 loads each time.    Dry laundry on the
>Use low-flow shower heads and water saver toilet (though it often plugs up
>and needs more water to clear it out.)
>Mulch my plants, water deeply and infrequently.
>Make regular donations to Thrift Shops, and use my old clothing to make
>garments for my grandson.
>Probably other things I don't think of right now!!    And I'm so offended at
>your support for an anti-American, foolish, and unenforceable bill
>penalizing beverage manufacturers!!!   And to exclude milk containers is the
>ultimate hypocritical idea.
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