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[GreenYes] Fw: beverage container bill
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From: "Sue Peake" <>
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Sent: Tuesday, April 23, 2002 12:00 PM
Subject: beverage container bill

For Mr. Bill Sheehan, executive director

I just read an article wherein you (and Senator Jeffords) support forcing a
manufacturer to be responsible for the ultimate disposal of its product
container.     I'm no doubt wasting my time writing, but am appalled at the
idea!!!  I hope you won't criticize me personally----criticize my ideas, but
no "character assination" please!!   Please note that I think your ideas
stupid---I do not call YOU 'stupid.'

In America, you would FORCE a manufacturer to be responsible for the
ultimate disposal of its product container!!!     I've listed, below, my own
life style, which is very close to zero waste, but I'm also an American and
am truly horrified at this incredibly invasive, unenforceable and foolish
proposal.    The hypocrisy of excluding milk containers takes my breath
away!!!!     I do hope it has been misreported.    You cannot possibly
support such a stupid idea!!!           Sue Peake    California

I do the following for my planet:
Recycle newspapers, plastic, cans and glass; including re-using paper and
plastic bags for 2-3 uses.     Take my own shopping bag (cloth) to the
grocery store.

Combine errands (including medical appointments) and use my car as little as
once a week. (I live in a rural area so public transportation isn't near

Cut up large, used mailing envelopes to make note paper.
Bury (compost) all my wet garbage.
Turn on my insulated electric water heater once or twice a week for about 30
minutes each time.

Reuse my laundry water to wash 2-3 loads each time.    Dry laundry on the
Use low-flow shower heads and water saver toilet (though it often plugs up
and needs more water to clear it out.)
Mulch my plants, water deeply and infrequently.

Make regular donations to Thrift Shops, and use my old clothing to make
garments for my grandson.

Probably other things I don't think of right now!!    And I'm so offended at
your support for an anti-American, foolish, and unenforceable bill
penalizing beverage manufacturers!!!   And to exclude milk containers is the
ultimate hypocritical idea.

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