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RE: [GreenYes] Greening of Hospitality Industry
I'll echo Ms. Gates concerns and add one more.

Most of the hotels that I've stayed at in the last couple of years now have
that card or something similar.  BUT while I get a free newspaper in the
morning and there's a beverage machine right down the hallway, there's no
paper recycle bin in my room, nor in the hotel that I could readily find,
nor a bin for aluminum cans.  That leads me to believe that they're not so
much concerned about being 'green', but more concerned about saving money on
soap and the water bill (or as Ms. Gates found out, about the service not
being available).

I wasn't aware of the links that the others have posted (and actually
haven't had to travel for about a year now), but I will definitely check
them out next time I have anywhere to go.

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