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[GreenYes] RELEASE: Adopt Zero Waste Goal, MN Council Urged

ST PAUL, MN: Calling on state officials to give 
Minnesota's long-term solid waste plans "a 21st 
Century tune-up," local government officials, 
business representatives, and recycling 
professionals urged a state "blue ribbon" panel 
examining the future of waste management to go 
beyond recycling to "Zero Waste ... or darn 

"Zero Waste is sound economic practice for 
companies and communities," said Dottie Shay of 
General Mills. "Zero Waste may seem like an 
idealistic dream, but in fact the basic 
principles are practical planning tools for 
institutions wanting to improve the bottom line 
and the environment. For General Mills, Zero 
Waste pays double dividends."

"Even the most successful community recycling 
programs can only go so far protecting our 
environment and preserving natural resources," 
said Anne Morse, Winona County Environmental 
Services Director, Committee member and 
President of GrassRoots Recycling Network 
(GRRN). "Zero Waste strategies transform out-
dated 'waste management' policies to 21st 
Century 'resource management strategies'."

Minnesota's Solid Waste Advisory Committee held 
a day-long hearing on December 13th to continue 
shaping the State's long-solid waste management 
plans. The Committee received testimony about 
Zero Waste strategies and real-world examples 
of the idea in practice.

GRRN is a North American network of waste 
reduction professionals and activists and is a 
leading proponent of Zero Waste strategies. 
GRRN's recently released Zero Waste Briefing 
Kit provides decision-makers with the 
information, tools, and case studies to make 
Zero Waste planning a reality. GRRN's Briefing 
Kit details how current public policy and 
corporate practice act as barriers to Zero 
Waste, as well as the ways businesses and 
communities are transforming a liability 
(waste) into a community asset (resources).

"GRRN is actively pursuing opportunities to 
promote Zero Waste strategies in states that, 
like Minnesota, are updating their long-term 
waste management plans," said Gary Liss, GRRN 
spokesperson and Zero Waste Project leader. "We 
are very encouraged by the Advisory Committee's 
interest in Zero Waste. The Committee members' 
questions indicate a grasp of Zero Waste's 
potential and a strong desire to pursue the 
idea further."

A mid-morning press conference to introduce the 
Zero Waste Briefing Kit also included 
representatives of the Sierra Club, Associated 
Recyclers of Minnesota, and several Twin 
Cities-area environmental organizations.

GRRN offers extensive resources on Zero Waste 
and producer responsibility. Visit their web 
site at 

For Immediate Release
CONTACT:  Anne Morse, 
   GRRN President, 507-457-6468


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