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[GreenYes] Green procurement resources needed
Great reports on this State of MA Office of Sustainable Procurement web page:

Reports and Handbooks
 **Documents are in Adobe Acrobat® format.**

                         Vol. XIII, dated July 2001 - Recycled and Environmentally Preferable
                         Products Guide for State Contracts, Introduction (96 kb) & Product, Contract
                         and Vendor Information (328 kb)

                         This guide provides up-to-date details on existing State contracts for EPPs, including contract
                         terms, vendor names and numbers, and pricing, when available. In addition, information on how
                         to use state contracts, tips on writing green specs, definitions, and model buy recycled policies
                         are included.

                         A Guide to Massachusetts State Contracts for Hazardous Material Collection
                         & Management (102 kb)

                         Pages include summaries of the most important information on selected Operational Services
                         Division (OSD) contracts. These contracts were established with input from other state and
                         local agencies to facilitate environmental compliance and proactive environmental programs in
                         the public sector.

                         Annual Reports
                         Access the State's Buy Recycled Annual Reports.

                         U.S. EPA Case Study of Massachusetts' Environmental Purchasing Program
                         (1,666 kb)

                         This case study highlights the unique approach taken by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts
                         in its environmental purchasing program. In order to eliminate communication problems
                         between different offices, Massachusetts centralized environmental purchasing decisions
                         within its central purchasing agency. This and other proactive decisions have made the
                         Commonwealth a leader among state governments in environmentally preferable purchasing.

                         Fact Sheets
                         Download fact sheets on Re-refined Motor Oil and Other Lubricants, Recycled Antifreeze,
                         Bio-based Lubricants, Recycled Paint, Remanufactured Toner Cartridges, Recycled Paper
                         and Envelopes, Recycled Carpet, Recycled Office Supplies, Recycled Janitorial Paper
                         Products and Food Service Items, Recycled Plastic Traffic Cones and Recycled Glass Beads,
                         Retread Tires and Tubing, and Energy Star Photocopiers.

                         Procurement of Environmentally Preferable Products:
                         A Review of Current Practices (185 kb)

                         This report, written for OSD by Abt Associates of Cambridge, MA, in 1995, investigates
                         environmentally preferable purchasing practices in other localities, including 29 states, 2
                         counties, 11 businesses and 4 nonprofits. - Volume I provides a summary of the investigations,
                         as well as further investigation into products of interest to the Commonwealth. In Microsoft
                         Word for Windows 6.0 format.

                         Volume II contains a database of environmental purchasing practices, and can be ordered by
                         sending a check in the amount of $6, made out to Commonwealth of Massachusetts and sent
                         to Marcia Deegler, Environmental Procurement Trainer, OSD, 1 Ashburton Pl., 10th Fl.
                         Boston, MA 02108-1552.

~ Debra Lombard
Green Design Researcher and Consultant ****************************************** To post to the greenyes list, email to: Subscription information for this list is available here: ******************************************

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