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[GreenYes] Plastics and TRUE recycling

Paul Goettlich wrote in part "and still, none is truly recycled."  He
continues to go on stating [One may say, "but by not collecting it, you
send it directly to the

Although this is a reference to plastics, I believe that the same could
be said about most collected recyclables.  Metals and glass are the only
curbside collected items that I can think of which can keep "chasing
their own arrows as they are recycled time and time again."  Paperstocks
and cardboard only have about 3 times thru the recycling cycle.  In fact
most old curbside recycling bins end in the trash.

Lets get rid of the "TRULY" mentality and accept reuse/reprocess as what
happens to most collected recyclables.  What is wrong with
reuse/reprocessing if
it saves on need for virgin feedstock while keeping final disposal in
limbo for yet to be determined years?

Regards, C. William

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