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[GreenYes] Fw: Brightstar gasification
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From: "Neil Tangri" <>
To: "Bill Sheehan" <>
Sent: Tuesday, December 11, 2001 1:28 PM
Subject: Brightstar gasification

I wonder if you can help us out with something. An Australian company
called EDL or Brighstar Environmental is proposing a gasification plant for
New Delhi. Much of their technology seems to rest upon the effectiveness of
a mechanical presort technology that is supposed to screen out glass,
ferrous and non-ferrous metals, batteries, grit, and rigid plastics before
the rest (primarily organics) goes into the pyrolysis module. I am
skeptical, to say the least, about the effectiveness of this pre-sort, but
do you have any information on how well these things work? Any references
would be helpful.

You can see their schematic at


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