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[GreenYes] Fwd: Urge Pepsi to keep Recycled Content
Apologies for Cross-Postings

>>Date: Mon, 29 Oct 2001 17:56:36 -0500 (EST)
>>From: "Peter Anderson" <>
>>To: Multiple recipients of list <>
>>The Plastic Redesign Project has just sent the following letter to Pepsi.
>>The letter is self-explanatory. Others similarly concerned about 
>>maintaining and increasing recycled content in plastic bottles may wish 
>>to send their own letter.  Mr. Reinemund's email address is
>>                                                     Peter Anderson
>>  October 29, 2001
>>Mr.Steven S. Reinemund
>>Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
>>Purchase, NY 10577
>>Dear Mr. Reinemund:
>>The Plastic Redesign Project strongly urges Pepsico to reconsider its
>>reported decision to cancel its contract with Continental PET 
>>Technologies for recycled content in the Gatorade line of bottles it 
>>recently acquired (October, 2001, Plastics Recycling Update).
>>  The Plastic Redesign Project is a multi-state coalition of local and state
>>recycling agencies working to promote designing plastic bottles for
>>recyclability and for increasing the proportion of recycled content used in
>>plastic bottles. Its members are the Alameda County Recycling Board (CA), 
>>Association of Oregon Recyclers, City of Berkeley (CA), City of Flagstaff 
>>(AZ), California Integrated Waste Management Board, California Department 
>>of Conservation, Colorado Association for Recycling, Florida Department 
>>of Environmental Protection, Kentucky Recycling and Marketing Assistance 
>>Program, City of Madison Department of Public Works (WI), City of 
>>Milwaukee Department of Public Works (WI), Four County Solid Waste 
>>District (AR), Mid-America Council of Recycling Officials, Mid-Continent 
>>Recycling Association, Nebraska Department of Environmental Quality, New 
>>Jersey Department of Environmental Protection, North Dakota Solid Waste 
>>Management Association,
>>Ohio Department of Natural Resources, Oregon Department of Environmental 
>>Quality, Portland Metro Regional Environmental Management (OR), San 
>>Francisco Department of the Environment (CA), San Luis Obispo County 
>>Integrated Waste Management Authority (CA), Santa Cruz Department of 
>>Public Works Solid Waste Section (CA), and the Southwest Public Recycling 
>>  Gatorade's earlier decision to use recycled content has been extremely
>>important to PET recycling efforts. First, that decision increased the total
>>demand for RPET by 5.5% (from 729 to 769 million pounds in 2000). The
>>greater the aggregate demand, the higher the price paid for recyclate.
>>Second, the usage is by a higher value, higher paying market (about 7 
>>cents more per pound). Of the 769 million pounds or RPET used last year 
>>in the U.S., 104 million pounds was sold to bottle markets, of which 
>>Gatorade's 40 million pounds represented a critical 38.5%, pulling 
>>average RPET prices higher again.
>>  The recycling community has greatly appreciated Gatorade's constructive
>>corporate efforts in the past to support recycling by using RPET in this
>>way, contributing to higher prices paid to local recycling programs.
>>      We would ask Pepsico to consider the following. For one thing, there
>>has been a 44% percentage decline in the recovery of PET bottles between 
>>1995 and 2000. The beverage industry has not offered any concrete 
>>proposal to reverse that decline. Increasing the price paid for RPET 
>>through corporate responsibility to use recycled PET in its
>>bottles is one important thing that Pepsico can do.
>>   For another, Pepsico's primary competitor, Coca-Cola Co., has 

>> committed to increase the recycled content of its entire line of 
>> bottles, including carbonated soft drinks to 10% by not later than 2005, 
>> and early indications suggest that they will achieve this major 
>> objective far earlier. We would have to think that Pepsico would not see 
>> it in its interests to be
>>behind its competition.
>>      For all of these reasons, we would be very grateful if you could 
>> reconsider your decision and then proceed to match, if not surpass, 
>> Coke's challenge for Pepsi's entire line of plastic bottles. If it 
>> chooses to so by depolymerization, such as was referenced in the press 
>> accounts, we would have no philosophical objection. However, we would 
>> not anticipate that currently available depolymerizeration processes
>>would be price competitive to you, the bottler.
>>      Thank you very much for your consideration.
>>                          Sincerely,
>>                          Peter Anderson
>>                          Project Director

Gary Liss
Fax: 916-652-0485

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