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[GreenYes] Packer Trucks
Steve Hammer asks: "Does anyone have any ballpark estimates of what it costs
to run a packer =
truck per mile.  Obviously, this will vary significantly by labor costs =
and the number of stops involved, but any studies you could refer me to =
would be appreciated."

It depends (sorry Steve, but as a "two handed economist," couldn't resist).

But, depending on whether you're using a low end rear, side or high end
front end loader, the capital cost can be $80,000 to $130,000. Depreciated
life depends on maintenance and overhaul practices, but generally is put
down as 8 years. The annual labor expense for a one operator vehicle is
approximately $40,000, including benefits and overheads.  Plug in the
entity's cost of money and the miles per day for the kind of route your
truck is driving and you can calculate an answer with a financial
calculator. You should probably also reflect in there downtime (typically a
backup truck is required for every five packers).


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