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[GreenYes] Possible information resource
This was forwarded to me by a friend. Haven't reviewed the documents
myself, but thought they might be useful to y'all.


Under publications, they have some interesting books on reducing waste.
Also a poster, that I'm contacting them about.

Elements Supplements take an in depth look at the key environmental

The first in the series examines issues surrounding waste management and
sustainable resource use.  Articles from leading figures in the waste
sector explore the
themes of markets development, cultural change and infrastructure

Contact publications for a free copy Stakeholders' Guide to Sustainable
Waste Management. The guide provides an invaluable reference tool for
those concerned with progressing sustainable methods of waste control.

The Guide includes:

Details of existing and proposed waste legislation and regulation
Current facts and figures on waste management
Information and advice on a wide range of specific waste types
An overview of the issues affecting stakeholders
Insights into likely future trends
Case studies of best practice
A comprehensive directory of contact details for over 400 organisations

The Guide has been developed by The Environment Council, in partnership
with RMC Environment Fund, Waste Watch and Save Waste and Prosper.

Non-members 20 UK + 4.50 p&p. Members 15 + 4.50 p&p

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