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[GreenYes] Plastic-Coated Cartons
Hi Folks,

Does anyone know if plastic coated milk cartons (and other cardboard
packaging) can be recycled somewhere in the US?
Other examples include ice cream cartons (even Ben&Jerry's "ecopint") and
paper soft drink cups.
Most of these things used to be covered in wax (which made them compostable
at least).
Now they seem to be covered with the thinnest layer of plastic.

What I most dislike about this is that the plastic coating is almost
and can create a perception among consumers
that the product is compostable (in a compost pile), and therefore, more
environmentally-friendly than polystyrene.

If there is recycling of the plastic-coated containers, does the plastic get
recycled as well or just thrown away?

Many thanks!
Van "The Soy Milk Cartons Are Stacking Up" Calvez
Human~Nature Solutions
Bainbridge, WA

P.S. despite all the grumbling and the endless messages, I love this

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