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RE: [GreenYes] Petroleum used for plastics
Well, so far I have received an even dozen responses, most with links and
sources for useful information.  Thank you all - I will let you know how it
all works out.  

I have to say I agree with C. William that we need to keep examples of
energy savings simple.  I ask my energy guy how a given statistic ties into
energy use here, and he just rolls his eyes....

Mike Riley wrote that we need to see recycling in the larger context of
sustainability - and I think that ties in with the "common sense" argument,
too.  We also need to balance our local view with the larger world view (as
Muna points out elsewhere) and perhaps now people will start to realize that
they are inextricably linked.

While Belvoir has a very good recycling program, I run into too many people
who don't recycle because they don't think it matters (or it's too hard, or
they don't remember...etc.).  I'd like to be able to point out how it does
matter, and how it is a piece in the puzzle that affects us all.
Thanks again, 

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Before going any further let me state that I do support recycling and
several of the other waste minimization efforts.  I do not only provide my
support based on the economic analysis that the waste industry(haulers and
landfills) are constantly attempting to undermine.  In a very simplistic way
"it does not make common sense to throw away resources"  examples being
cardboard, cans, and metals to name a few.

My concerns with the saving's discussed so far are WHO has written some of
the reports?  Perhaps those who are promoting their own agenda?  Also we see
the savings stated in kilowatts and other measures that are very difficult
for the average person to understand.  How many people know "how many
aluminum cans are in a ton and what does the ton look like?" (please do not
answer this anyone).
I do know what 6-24 beverage cans look like in my home.  Everyone needs to
keep some of these "saving statements" simple and easy for the public to

So far in the answers to the question from Terri, I am not sure that the
full costs to collect the recyclables, process them(baling, etc) and
shipping to the remanufacturing facilities are taken into account.
Apples-to-Apples comparisons are a must and please keep it simple and easy
to understand.  Tell me about a 100-watt light bulb and how long it will
stay on in my home.

Regards, C. William

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