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Re: [GreenYes] Fwd: recycling project in Brazil
Probably their best bet would be to get in contact with CEMPRE, the Business Commitment to Recycling, which operates an excellent library/information clearinghouse operation based in Sao Paulo on anything remotely connected to recycling within Brazil.  Cempre's Director, engineer Andre Vilhena, speaks pretty good English and Spanish in addition to his native Portuguese, and he is very helpful.  If anyone in Brazil knows who best to contact in Amazonia vis-a-vis recycling, it's probably Andre.  He can be contacted at  The tel. in Sao Paulo is 5511-3889-7806/8564, and fax is 5511-3889-8721.  You glean might some clues from Cempre's website at
      Another option to consider is to contact the Recicloteca (Recycling Library), another recycling info clearinghouse, this one based in Rio de Janeiro.  Their fax is 5521-552-6393/552-5996, e-mail  You'll have to deal mostly in Portuguese with these folks, though.  Their webpage is
      The Amazon river basin is huge.  Where exactly will they be trying to set up this recycling program?  I might have other suggestions, or might be able to dig up some more region-specific contacts, if I knew where we're talking about [Para (Belem?)? Amazonas (Manaus?)? Amapa (Macapa?)?]
     Hope this proves helpful.
Best Regards,
Keith Ripley

Sr. Keith Edward Ripley
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On Mon, 10 Sep 2001 13:34:35   Gary Liss wrote:
>>Date: Mon, 10 Sep 2001 15:18:20 -0400 (EDT)
>>From: Ted Campbell <>
>>To: Multiple recipients of list <>
>>See message below. Thanks
>>Ted Campbell
>>South Carolina Department of Commerce
>>Manager, Recycling Market Development
>>PO Box 927
>>Columbia, SC  29202
>>fax 803-737-0572
>>  -----Original Message-----
>>From:   Amy Thomson
>>Sent:   Monday, September 10, 2001 1:50 PM
>>To:     Ted Campbell; Dottie Landry
>>Subject:        recycling project in Brazil
>>I got a call today from Larry Druffel at SC Research Authority. He is
>>helping some friends who are missionaries in Brazil start up a recycling
>>program along the Amazon. DO you have any contacts we can lead him to 
>>either internationally, or maybe a clearinghouse for information? Is there a
>>U.S.-based org. that might have int'l. ties?
>>Any help you can provide would be great!
>>Amy Thomson
>>Trade Development Manager
>>Latin American Markets
>>South Carolina Department of Commerce
>>P.O. Box 927
>>Columbia, SC 29202-0927
>>Tel.: 803-737-0488
>>Fax: 803-806-3416
>> <>
>Gary Liss
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