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[GreenYes] EVENT - Dr. Marc Lappé to speak on stem cell and cloning research 25sep01
Dr. Marc Lappé, noted author, College of Marin faculty member, and Director
for the Center for Ethics and Toxics (CETOS) will speak on stem cell and
cloning research at the Indian Valley Campus on Tuesday, September 25, 2001
at 7:00 PM.

The lecture will be held at Room 188 in the Pomo complex at Indian Valley
Campus, 1800 Ignacio Boulevard in Novato.

The lecture will center on the ethical and scientific issues emanating from
the global controversies that could lead to the first cloning of a human
being.  Dr. Lappé will illuminate the moral and ethical issues that have
made stem cell research and the use of  human embryos a daily topic in the
halls of Congress as well as in the research community and public schools.

Dr. Lappé teaches "Science and Ethics" at the College of Marin every Spring
semester.  He has published extensively in scientific journals and has
authored several books on immunology, agricultural biotechnology, and
ethics.  His work experience also includes  serving as a state public
health officer under the Brown administration, a tenured professor at
University of Illinois, an expert toxicologist in lawsuits, and a
consultant to March of  Dimes, Marin Breast Cancer Watch and many other

For further details and parking information call the CETOS office at
883-2211 extension 8237 or

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