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[GreenYes] assuring safety in protesting
hey everbody,
  i've given you all a break for a while, but i had to get this out to 
everyone.  even in this country, our right to civil disobedience and free 
speach is being squashed and in many cases getting dangerous to exercise.  
an american protester was recently shot and ran over in italy and there is 
an increasing amount of riot police forces and things like fences being 
erected at protests - including an increasing amount of tear gas, rubber 
bullets, and arrests at peaceful as well as violent protests.  i was in 
seattle in '99 - i've seen it.  I also have friends who tell personal 
accounts of their experiences.  the protests seem to get most heated when 
they deal with world trade and the issue of trans-national corperations 
taking precident over our laws, environment and personal health concerns.  
the upcoming International Monetary Fund (IMF) and World Bank meetings from 
sept 28 to oct 4 in DC is predicted to be huge.  the city council and police 
plan to erect a very long, tall fence to keep protesters in - away from the 
meeting site....
thanks for taking the time.
hope you are all well.

Greenpeace Action Alert
Thursday, September 6, 2001

::: Urge the Brazilian Government to Investigate the Recent
Death of a Forest Activist and Ensure Protection for All
Activists in Brazil :::

On August 25th the Coordinator of the Movement for the
Development of the Transamazon and Xingu Region Ademir
Alfeu Federicci (nicknamed Dema), aged 36, was killed by a
gunman in his home in Altamira, in Brazil Amazon state of
Para. Dema was an active leader in the resistance to the
construction of dams planned by the Brazilian government on
the Xingu River, and an opponent of illegal logging in the
region. We call on you to add your voice to the thousands of
people in Brazil and abroad to demand that the Brazilian
government brings the responsible people to justice, and to
guarantee that environmental and social activists in the
Amazon can freely speak without fear of violence or death.

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