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May I suggest that you try Solana Recyclers at the link below.

From their website...

The Recycled Products Purchasing Cooperative (RPPC) is a non-profit program
dedicated to natural resource conservation. The goal of the Co-op is to
increase the use of recycled paper and products nationwide. One way that the
RPPC is accomplishing this goal is by providing recycled copy paper and
products at prices which meet or beat what many businesses and public
entities pay for non-recycled copy paper and products. The Co-op's
educational efforts and extremely low prices are the primary factors which
motivate buyers to switch to using recycled products. All proceeds support
the Co-op's ongoing national efforts.

Also, you may want to look at -

Hope this helps.  Please feel free to contact me if I can be of further

Mark S. Kidd
Program Educator
Washington County Solid Waste & Recycling
155 N First Ave., MS 4
Hillsboro, OR 97124
v 503.846.8182 
f 503.846.4928

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> Hi everybody--
> I just joined this list because a task force on the quality of our work
> environment has been created at my organization.  We are in the process of
> assessing waste streams and costs.  Currently, I'm hearing from paper
> representatives, etc.  that recycled paper is more expensive.  We buy a
> heckavu lot of paper here (350 tons per year), so we get a deal on virgin
> paper -- $4.15 per 1000 sheets when we buy 5 skids of paper at a time and
> store it in our print shop as we use it (mainly for the copiers and
> printers upstairs).   At that volume, we get a great price.  If we tried
> to buy one skid of recycled paper of these five, we'd end up paying more
> for both per sheet because of the volume is reduced on the sale of the
> most available product: virgin paper.   The price if we bought 5 skids of
> recycled paper would be $4.60.  So, since we trying to get into buying
> recycled and we don't have infinited storage capacity (no more than 5
> skids at a time), we're a little stuck.  
> Economically speaking (and of course, that's not using full cost
> accounting but unfortunately we're a ways away from that - we still
> externalize all the costs like most everyone else), the virgin paper is
> cheaper.  
> We're instituting a reuse policy to reuse paper printed on one side and
> then discarded, but really we'd hoped that recycled paper would be about
> the same cost or less.   
> I need information to beat these prices if possible or at least hints on
> how to handle this.  EVERY company that assesses this must hit this
> barrier.  The government basically mandated that 30 percent of its paper
> be recycled.  Is that what it takes 10-15 years after recycled paper
> became available -- a mandate from above?
> Any help would be appreciated.
> Jeff
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