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[GreenYes] Sustainable Products Training
Dear Friends & Interested Parties:

RE:  September 10-11 Sustainable Products/Clean Vehicle Training
Hosted by the City of Austin & State of Texas

This event provides the critical tools to identify sustainable products, particularly building products and vehicles, as determined by their impact on the earth and society from raw materials extraction to their final use or reuse.

Please see the announcement below for this exciting event.  For more information, go to:

Enron Corp. has donated Renewable Energy Credits (RECs) and Carbon Dioxide Emissions Credits to offset 200% of the emissions generated by the Sustainable Products & Clean Vehicle Training© in Austin, September 10-11, thus improving Texas air quality.  This donation also qualifies as a Cleaner and Greener(sm) Certified event.  The Renewable Energy Credits will be derived from a new wind power project in Texas, thus helping to support cleaner electricity generation in the Lone Star State.  The carbon offsets reduce emissions of greenhouse gases which play a major role in global climate change. Enron provides fixed-price electricity, including renewable power, to customers throughout the United States.  Other sponsors of the emissions offset include Think Energy, Cleaner & Greener Certification, & Sustainable Products Corporation, which are all presenting at the Program.

Also, please pass this message on to others in your organization and sphere of influence to help transform our markets to a sustainable economy.

Ask for special rates at Austin's Award Winning Green Hotel, Habitat Suites, 800-535-4663,

For further information, please contact 202-338-0313 or


Fred Blood, City of Austin
Woody Raine, Texas Natural Resource Conservation Commission


* Why sustainable products increase market share & profitability
* How green buildings use sustainable products
* Why FSC Certified Wood improves habitat & environmental stewardship
* Why Pennsylvania and Maryland are giving $1500 to residents buying hybrid cars
* Why Certified Organic Products are integral to sustainable products
* How to specify and purchase sustainable lighting and flooring
* How life cycle assessment product ratings are used for State & local government Sustainable Products Purchasing Categories
* Why the Navy only hires A & E firms with demonstrated LCA experience
* Institute for Market Transformation to Sustainability (MTS) Sustainable Products Standards

For all professionals dealing with products.
Continuing education credits. 
Space is limited. 

For further information, phone 202-338-0313
or e-mail 


* Robert Huston, Chairman 
Texas Natural Resources Conservation Commission 
"Incentives for Clean Vehicles" 
* Jim Hightower, National Radio Host, Columnist, Author & Founder of 
the $6 Billion Organic Products Industry 
"Advertising for Organic Food, Fiber & Plastic with the USDA Label -Changing Our Markets" 

All Organic Meals Sponsored by Texas Organic Growers Association
Reception Sponsored by Milliken

Robert Cuellar, Toyota Marketing Manager 
"Why Hybrids are Better for the Environment & More Profitable" 

Jim Fullerton, Fleet Sales Manager, DaimlerChrysler 
"Electric Neighborhood Vehicles are Great for the Environment and Exceed Federal Safety Standards" 

Don Lewis, Clean Vehicle Director, TxDOT
"Leadership for Increasing Clean Vehicle Market Penetration" 

Dennis Darragh, CEO, Forbo Industries 
"LCA Benefits of Forbo Linoleum" 

Paul Fuge, Chairman, Certified Forest Products Council &
CEO, Sylvania Certified, LLC 
"Specifying FSC Certified Wood" 

Don Riecss, District Manager, The Home Depot 
"Sustainable Products Retailing" 

John Warrick, Design Director, Texas Parks & Wildlife (TPW) 
"TPW Sustainable Design Program" 

Mark Crowdis, CEO, Think Energy 
"Specifying & Pricing Reliable Green Power" 

Peter Pfeiffer, AIA, Barley + Pfeiffer Architects 
Lars Stanley, AIA, Stanley Architects 
"Sustainable Products Purchasing for Greater Austin" 

Sue Brubaker, Austin Purchasing
Katherine Murray, Austin Buy Recycled 
Richard Morgan, Austin Green Building 
Tony Gregg, Austin Water Conservation 
"City of Austin Rebates & Incentives" 

Phil Reed, Principal, Cotera, Kolar, Negrette, & Reed 
"Specifying Sustainable Materials for Austin City Hall" 

Mike Arny, President, Leonardo Academy 
"Cleaner & Greener Power Certification" 

Penny Bonda, Interiors & Sources Magazine & Chair
US Green Building Council (USGBC) LEED Commercial Interiors 
"USGBC LEED 3.0 Materials Specifications" 

Experts in their fields of sustainable products

Steve Hoffmann, Manager, Milliken Earth Square Carpet 

Mike Italiano, CEO, Sustainable Products Corporation 

Gail Vittori, Co-Director, Center for Maximum Potential Building Systems 

Paul Walitsky, NA Environmental Affairs Director, Philips Lighting 

Jeff Wartelle, Strategic Initiatives Director, Certified Forest Products Council 
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