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[GreenYes] large event/raceway recycling?

The County of Monterey is working to implement a recycling program at Laguna
Seca Raceway. This public venue is a County Park facility that contracts
with one large promoter and several small promoters for events, including
auto races, bike races, concerts, camping, etc. 

At this time, we are at the table with the promoter, parks and hauler, but
we are looking for information about other recycling programs at large
public venues to use as an example. I have spoken with a few raceways in the
U.S. with little luck in finding a program. Any ideas?

We are also specifically interested in any contract language between parties
requiring recycling at events or similar. 

Thanks, Fairlight Newman
Recycling Asst., County of Monterey
(831) 796-1260
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