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Re: [GreenYes] Regarding food waste in the sewer versus the garbage can:
In a message dated 8/15/01 3:54:58 AM Pacific Daylight Time, 
writes:<< Go ahead * Dance with the Devil * Landfilling is the best option. >>

OK that's enough!!

Organics in landfill are a main cause of leachate and methane.
Organics in the sewer do the same thing, decompose, however they mix with 
whatever toxic material that is dumped down the drain.  
Biosolids in many cities have percentages of heavy metals that make it not 
good for land application for food crops.

Taking food waste out of the sewer can dramatically increase the capacity of 
the treatment plant.  Mixing food waste, vegetative debris and food dirty 
paper, and collecting it for compost production will net a significant 
diversion in both the landfill and the sewer treatment plant, create new jobs 
and provide needed humus for the planet.  
Now that's dancing with the angels.

Check out my website and the publication from Biocycle regarding the impact 
of food waste diversion programs on restaurants and food stores, bod and ss 

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