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[GreenYes] Recycling--FYI
I do "event" recycling in Syracuse, NY.  I was impressed by this effort in
Boulder Co.
Don Hughes
>2001 Bolder Boulder Recycled Half  of Its Generated Waste
>BOULDER, Colo., - (August 13, 2001) - This year,  49% of the volume of solid 
>waste generated at the Bolder Boulder race was  recovered for recycling.
>is a high diversion rate of recycling,  relative to other large special
>around the country. This success is  due in part to the advance preparation 
>and the solid commitment to recycling  by the Bolder Boulder race organizers 
>and CU Recycling staff. The success of  recycling at the Bolder Boulder 
>certainly helps to achieve Boulder County's  goal to recycle 50 percent of 
>waste by the year 2005.
>CU Recycling  placed 62 barrels for co-mingled container recycling
>the  fieldhouse, stadium and Expo field. CU Recycling staff emptied these 
>barrels  when needed and delivered and processed these materials at the 
>Intermediate  Processing Facility on campus after the event. Nine carts were 
>placed at the  lunch and beverage distribution areas, Aramark concessions,
>large  quantity Expo generators for collection of corrugated cardboard and  
>paperboard. Recycling staff, Expo vendors, and Bolder Boulder volunteers  
>carted these materials to designated recycling roll-off containers. 49% of  
>the volume of solid waste was diverted from the landfill and recovered for  
>Recycling at the 2001 race saved the following energy and  natural resources:
>a. 62 forty foot Douglas Fir trees 
>b. 220 pounds  of air pollution 
>c. 25,620 gallons of water
>d. 150 cubic yards of  landfill space
>e. 15,013 kilowatt hours of electricity
>f. 1,852 gallons of  gasoline.
>Bolder Boulder, CU Recycling and Eco-Cycle are working together  to increase 
>recycling awareness and to discuss potential improvements for  the 2002 race.

        Don Hughes      Dept. of Chemistry
        315-470-6597    431 Jahn Lab
			SUNY-College of environmental science & forestry
                        SYRACUSE, NY 13210
"I don't believe there's any problem in this country, no matter how tough
it is, that Americans, when they roll up their sleeves, can't completely
				- George Carlin

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