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Re: [GreenYes] Regarding food waste in the sewer versus the garbage can:
seems like there's a million dollar entrepreneur
opportunity for someone to design and engineer a
kitchen disposal that can leave the chopped up food in
a bucket under your sink and take away the water...i'd
buy one!


--- Jay Donnaway <> wrote:
> I don't have any ready documentation to quote, but
> it would seem to me that
> running food waste through the sanitary sewer may be
> best.  If the
> wastewater treatment plant uses anaerobic digestion,
> it is much more
> efficient a digester than an MSW landfill, and a
> much higher percentage of
> the methane will be recovered for beneficial use. 
> If treated in an
> aerobic-only wastewater plant, the resulting CO2
> release will still have
> less of a greenhouse impact than vented methane from
> a landfill, as even
> landfills with advanced gas collection systems do
> let some methane escape.
> Also, I understand that due to stormwater and
> groundwater infiltration, many
> wastewater plant inflows are too dilute, and cannot
> sustain a sufficient
> microbe density to adequately treat the waste during
> normal detention times
> without being "sweetened" by food waste, septage
> pumpout, etc..  
> 	It could also be argued that transporting the food
> waste via
> pipeline has less of an impact than in a sanitation
> truck, and could have
> fringe benefits such as a reduction in vectors and
> odor, a decrease in the
> required frequency of waste collection, and reduced
> leachate quantities.  Of
> course, this is based upon the condition that
> increased water use by food
> disposal units and the increase in biochemical
> oxygen demand can be handled
> by the existing water treatment infrastructure. 
> Especially in a commercial
> kitchen, disposal units would seem an excellent
> application for greywater,
> such as the hot water exiting dishwashers and food
> prep sinks.
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