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Re: [GreenYes] Go team!
Amy Wilson wrote:
> made my heart flutter with hope that we still have some guts.  

I should think so - our global movement has no room for prophets of
doom, yes?

> > our hearts most of us want to live like kings.
> A spectacular observation.  People get bent when I call this greed, but what
> else can one call it?  Getting everyone to deconstruct this impulse and then
> disengage from it can be seen as Environmentalism's ultimate mission.

I could not agree more - why is it that within what I would call
"mainstream" environmentalists, there seems to be a reluctance to see
that the economic system is the key problem, results in mass rape of
people and the planet, develops the "I" culture, rather than developing
a caring culture, and makes greed completely acceptable, and indeed,
something to aim for?

The continual accumulation of material goods is no key to happiness -
anybody who believes that it is, needs therapy! True happiness is within
us all - we just need to unlock it, and realise that the things that are
truly valuable can never have a cash value attached to it..


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