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RE: [GreenYes] Zero waste...animal waste.
I believe it was a northwestern state (Metro district?) where I found the recommendation to bury pet waste 18" deep around the drip line of a tree where you do not plan to plant items for human consumption.  Cover with 6" dirt (at least) to prevent flies from breeding.  The recommendation was made to the public due to the fact that the waste district did not want their haulers exposed to pet waste in garbage containers.  Flushing it down the toilet would be a good alternative if you do not have a yard, but, of course, sludge is the end result and may or may not ultimately produce waste, depending upon the ability to divert the sludge.
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In the efforts of zero waste, what is recommended for animal waste? (Pets, primarily cats and dogs)
Either it gets thrown out in a re-used Washington Post bag, or it stays on the grass to get washed into the street and finally to the Chesapeake Bay, where it contributes all kinds of living organisms and organic compounds not desirable...or it passes along those same to other animals who come around...
Help! It cannot be composted, can it? If so,how?
Susan in Falls Church (and soon to be elsewhere)

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