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[GreenYes] Fast Food Recycling in Korea - Why not here?
Source: August 2001, Issue 17, Zero Waste Update, Zero Waste New Zealand Trust

Zero Waste Korea

Zero Waste Korea A 'Reduce the Use of Disposable Goods' campaign has been 
running in Korea for the last four years to tackle the 30% of urban waste 
that comes from fast food chains.  The Korea Waste Movement Network (KWMN) 
sees tackling the waste from fast food chains as a great way of educating 
Korea's young people about recycling.

In 1999, the government declared that every fast-food store should recycle 
90% of their disposable items.  Due to this regulation, many large chains 
have instigated recycling systems and reduced the use of paper cups, 
napkins and other disposables.

"Lotteria", the largest fast food franchise in Korea, has set up a model 
store in Jongro, downtown in Seoul, which uses no disposable items.  It is 
hoped that this will encourage other stores to follow lead.

For further information see Zero Waste website under "International" at

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