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Re: [GreenYes] if you're not driving, who is?
don hughes wrote:
> Hear, Hear!   It seems to me that most people like to
> recycle becasue it is something THEY can do which is good for the planet.
> I just wish that attitude would extend to not driving SUVs, conserving
> electricity, etc.

Hi Don!!
Not only to support you,. but also to share thoughts I have been having
about this very issue...
what do people think about "true cost" accounting, to put a price on
everything, in terms of it's life cycle impact? simple example could be:
to produce X energy produces Y tons of CO2 - to buy land and plant
sufficient trees to take up the CO2 would cost Z - therefore, Z is an
input cost of that energy, which will cost more by a certain amount -
this would almost automatically mean that eco-cool products will cost
less than those with toxic emissions, etc..


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