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[GreenYes] why people recycle?
I know that many people who are supposedly "environmentalists" by
supporting energy efficiency do not recycle. I have seen it. I think it
is because they feel as if they are too busy to rinse that foil off or
too busy to figure out which bin to put their plastic container in. I
have tried to encourage people to recycle. I think it works sometimes
but many times those that do not recycle will not even if you make it
really easy for them. Some people on the other hand say they want to
recycle but say that the numbers on the plastics are confusing. Some
people recycle newspapers but not bottles? I think in order to get
people to recycle we need to bring them (as young children) to the
landfills and show them where the trash really goes and then we need to
keep reminding them.

Debra Lombard

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