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[GreenYes] Call for Tenants-Alameda County CA Eco-Park
Apologies for Cross-Postings

From: Rory Bakke <>


August 1, 2001

The purpose of this Solicitation is to identify companies who may be 
interested in participating in a new and unique industrial development 
opportunity in the City of San Leandro, California.  Time is of the essence.

The Alameda County Waste Management Authority and Recycling Board 
(Authority), working in conjunction with a Master Developer and the City of 
San Leandro, is seeking tenants for an Eco-Industrial Park.  The proposed 
location for this unique Park is a 21.27 acre site zoned for General 
Industrial uses located on Davis Street in the City of San Leandro along 
the Highway 880 corridor in the East San Francisco Bay Area.

What is an Eco-Industrial Park?

The Eco-Industrial Park proposed for this Property is an industrial park 
housing a group of businesses who work together to enhance their 
environmental and economic performance. Eco-Industrial Park
tenants will be the manufacturers and value-added processors who use 
recycled materials, such as paper, glass, and wood generated and purchased 
locally, to produce new products.  Other manufacturers of environmentally 
preferable products will also be considered if they offer opportunities for 
byproduct synergies with other tenants.

The Eco-Industrial Park is an important component of the Authority's 
efforts to reduce the amount of material landfilled in Alameda County.  It 
is also an important focus of the City of San Leandro's and the Alameda 
County Economic Development Alliance for Business (EDAB)'s business 
attraction and expansion efforts.

Co-locating businesses that add value to materials currently going to 
landfills by re-manufacturing these materials into new products is vital to 
the Authority's market development efforts.   Given the cost and lack of 
availability of land in the Bay Area and of doing business in an urbanized 
area, the chance to site a project close to supplies of recovered materials 
offers unique benefits in the form of reduced transportation costs and 
other business expenses, such as insurance, job training, and equipment.

Unique Advantages of this Project
	Site has excellent access to transportation corridors, the Port of 
Oakland and the Oakland International Airport, including rail access to the 
	Proximity to varied and vibrant markets and sources of feedstock 
including Waste Management, Inc.'s largest transfer station;
	Some funding available to assist tenant businesses that locate in the Park.
	Up to $3 million in infrastructure improvement funding available to 
support the development; and
	Access to Authority Revolving Loan Fund for resource recovery-related 
businesses; Redevelopment Area participation; and Intensive media attention 
and public recognition expected for positive environmental and economic 

Potential Tenant Information:
The Authority has a very limited amount of time (90 days) to identify 
appropriate tenants for this unique project.  We are interested in 
communicating with companies with the following characteristics:

1.	Engaged in environmentally sound manufacturing/product development, 
preferably utilizing  recovered  materials.
2.	Capable of moving or expanding the business while maintaining financial 
3.	Interested in leasing or owning own building (build-to-suit opportunity 
available) and can pay lease rates of approximately .60 - .75/square foot 
per month.
4.	Willing to participate in a collaborative project of national 
significance and expected to attract positive recognition and media attention.

Contact:  The Authority and its partners respectfully request that you 
contact Ms. Rory Bakke at the Alameda County Waste Management Authority at 
510/614-1699 or via email at

We welcome your response to this Call for Tenants and look forward to 
working with you to explore this innovative development opportunity.

Gary Liss
Fax: 916-652-0485

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