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[GreenYes] A suggestion, and follow to David Orr's note
I've noticed that despite the valiant efforts of the list providers,
some people continue to post inappropriate stuff to the list.  I suggest
that a very simple step be taken of having every posting limited
by software to a reasonable length--perhaps 50 or 100 lines--with
everything longer than that tossed.  If people have more to say, they
can post it on the web and include a URL.


To follow-up on David Orr's thoughtful note of Thursday:

  I personally believe that it is a mistake _at this time_ to
try to build a cohesive movement that focuses on "reduction, reuse
and recycling".  I believe that most source reduction has too
little in common with most recycling for their to be a natural
fit, in policy and in action.  I came to this view reluctantly,
after many years of trying to work within recycling organizations
to effectively pursue source reduction.  I came to the conclusion
that any organization (commercial, non-profit, or governmental)
devoted primarily to recycling will be minimilly effective at best
at source reduction.  We need organizations whose primary purpose
is source reduction.
  I respect those who disagree, but as a scientist, I must take
my views from what empirical data show, and all of my experience
to date supports the above.  
  There is a superficial connection between source reduction
and recycling, but closer examination reveals stark differences.
Also, many people who are passionate about one also share a passion
for the other.  However, neither of these is a good reason to
conflate the two concepts.
  I believe that the long-run healthiest prospect for both
recycling and source reduction will be gained if source reduction
is pursued on its own terms (perhaps in combination with efforts
that _are_ closely related to it, such as energy efficiency), and
only after it has gained a critical mass of policy success, science,
and public awareness, consider how it might relate to recycling.
  I'm not proposing any specific action based on the above, but
rather simply want to make sure that this point of view is 
represented along the spectrum of all of us greatly concerned
with materials.  Thanks,


Bruce Nordman
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
510-486-7089; fax: 510-486-4673

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