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[GreenYes] Request for suggestions for online lookup references.
Dear List Members:
As some of you know, I write about Internet information resources for Resource Recycling magazine.  I am in the process of developing, for lack of a more catchy name, an Internet Reference Collection that would consist of bookmarks to useful lookups that all of us seem to need from time to time.  One example would be volume to weight conversions. Another would be interesting "factoids" about recycling.  I would appreciate suggestions from listmembers of other types of online references that they would like to have at their fingertips or links to actual sites you have found useful as a lookup reference.  These online reference suggestions could be related to recycling / waste reduction or broader reference topics (e.g. measurement conversions).  This will be an ongoing project so suggestions will be welcome at any time.  Once I have put together a starting lineup of URL's I will let the list know how they can be accessed.
Roger M. Guttentag

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