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Re: [GreenYes] Sliced Peanut Butter wrote:
> Civilization is the
> dreadnought we use to storm and plunder it, and that which benefits us can be
> seen as harmful BY DEFINITION to the natural world.  Those few of us who
> would reform this relationship need to clarify our thinking -- in the popular
> interpretation of this purpose, there is much subversion.

This brings to mind arguments people used to have in South Africa about
"progress" and "development" - I can trace pretty much all the ills we
have to traditional Western / Northern "sciences" - pollution; concrete;
weapons of mass destruction; I could go on... but the point is well made
- we can all live, and live well, if we all tread lightly upon the
planet - and there is no "they" who will do it for us... just us...


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