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[GreenYes] Training opportunities
Join us in August . . .
The Environmental Training Institute for Small Communities (NETCSC)
for trainers, technical assistance providers, & small community decision

August 6-10, 2001
Morgantown, West Virginia

Sponsored by National Environmental Training Center for Small Communities
Call (800) 624-8301 (ext. 5536)
OrCheck out the NETCSC Web site at

Learn how to-
-Run community water, wastewater, and solid waste services like a business
-Improve a system's technical, financial, and managerial capabilities
-Meet new regulatory requirements
-Adapt financial accounting and reporting to meet Government Accounting
Standards Board 34 (GASB)
-Prepare capital improvement plans for small community infrastructure
-Train local decision-makers with specially designed materials and
effective techniques for the classroom, at a distance, or one-on-one.

Courses include-
-Solid Waste Management Options for Small Communities
-Assessing Wastewater Options for Small Communities
-Training Adults in Remote Classrooms: Demystifying Distance Delivery
-Assessing Wastewater Options for Small Communities-A videoconference
course for local officials
-Managing a Small Drinking Water System:
--Responsibilities, Regulations, and Technical Capacity
--Financial Capacity
--Managerial Capacity
-Training Strategies for Achieving Results
-What on earth is GASB 34 and why should you care?
-Capital Improvements Planning and Long -Term System Capacity

In addition-
Sign up for facility tours, a luncheon panel discussion, and an evening

Class size is limited, so we encourage you to register now!

$229 General Registration
$119 Training Adults in Remote Classrooms
$348 for both

Sponsored by the National Environmental Training Center for Small
Communities (NETCSC) at West Virginia University, NETCSC is a nonprofit
organization that helps environmental trainers, assistance providers, and
local officials improve the quality of drinking water, wastewater, and
solid waste services for small communities. NETCSC was established in 1991
with funds from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

-- Forwarded by:
Rhonda L. Sherman-Huntoon
Extension Solid Waste Specialist
Biological & Agricultural Engineering Department
N. C. State University, Box 7625
Raleigh, NC  27695-7625
Phone 919/515-6770; Fax 919/515-6772

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