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[GreenYes] Re: [GRRN] GLASS recycling / What makes sense to recycle
As one of the “non-professional public” that adheres
to the notion that it is our duty /responsibility to
clean up the mess we have created on this plant, I
would like to express my appreciation for your candor
and insight.  Your posting has helped to expand my
view of the reality of recycling along with the ideal.
 I totally support the idea to include the public in
this discussion.   I also appreciate the fact that the
subject matter of this discussion is not one that “Joe
and Jane Public” may be excited to engage in.  But
that trend, I believe, is changing.  If we can remove
this subject from the polarized arena of Protecting
Tax Payers Money versus Protecting the Planet, this
would be a good thing.    I am hopeful that the “100th
monkey” notion works for homo sapiens.

I also would like to express my appreciation for all
of you “professionals” and your efforts to make the
ideal a reality.  I understand it is, at times, a
thankless and frustrating job, with only the ideal to
hang on to.

Please keep up the good work!!!!

Thank you.

Glen Koch
Seattle, Wa

--- Roger Guttentag <> wrote:
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> Dear Michelle / Terri:
> I apologize for the late entry in this discussion
> but I have a few more
> items to add:
> With respect to the narrower issue of glass
> recycling:
> 1. In some cases adding materials to an existing
> collection stream can be
> justified because of lower marginal costs.  In my
> opinion, glass is a very
> big exception. 

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