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[GreenYes] overhauling solid waste and recycling

One city that's "walking it's talk" is Chapel Hill, NC.  I think you'd find
it useful to get in touch with Blair Pollock, Solid Waste Programs Manager
for Orange County.  I'd also like to recommend one piece of the solid waste
management puzzle that "demonstrates economic feasibility and community
support" (i.e., what your mayor and city council are looking for).  A
community-wide backyard composting program is proven to produce a lot of
bang for the buck.  Go to my website and download a 12-page document titled
"Community Backyard Composting Programs Can Reduce Waste and Save Money."
Go to then "Composting" or
Rhonda L. Sherman-Huntoon
Extension Solid Waste Specialist
Biological & Agricultural Engineering Department
N. C. State University, Box 7625
Raleigh, NC  27695-7625
Phone 919/515-6770; Fax 919/515-6772

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