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[GreenYes] Fw: cotton pads/organic feminine hygiene
In reply to the gentleman who inquired about menstrual pads: the other diaper! (Thanks for asking)
I have personally been using "reusable" pads myself for about 8 years now...the source is Gladrags...and they work very well. They clean very well, too. No extra spot cleaners needed. They are also amazingly DURABLE. It was a transition (i used to be very non-"granola" my friends and family refer to me these days...), but amazingly easy. I even use them on vacation. When I have trips, or sports, or something, I use the below...
A source i have recently found i am exploring is a company called Natracare which produces cotton pads and tampons (disposable)...and they have some sort of general background on waste/toxicity.  
As far as performance, so far so good.
And thanks for the dialogue on diapers. When I begin the adoption process, I want to be ready and it is good to know there are still support for cloth.
Falls Church, VA

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