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[GreenYes] Technical Researcher Available
Hello Listserv Members,

I would like to get the word out that I am available to perform
technical research in regards to green building issues, materials,
programs and funding. I am open to research positions in California and
other locations. I am on the Board of Directors for the ADPSR-ny
chapter. I have been researching sustainable design and recycling issues

on a regular basis since 1992 and have an enormous amount of experience
in Internet research.

I am a civil engineer currently living with my daughter in Norwalk, CT.
I received my B.S. in Civil Engineering from Tulane University, and took

graduate course work in CE, urban design and environmental studies. I
have held various engineering/ architectural related positions, since
1989, including performing inspections, project management, preparation
of construction drawings and specifications, hand drafting, conceptual
design, website design, market research surveys, marketing and business
development, real estate sales, technical research and writing/editing.

For the past 8 years, I have been researching "green building" issues
primarily using the internet for the last five. During the past 3 years,

I was a building systems consultant with Steven Winter Associates. While

with SWA, I initiated their web based marketing efforts, used various
list servs and websites to bring in leads and suitable RFPs. I assisted
with writing proposals and maintenance of a database of outgoing
I performed three major market research surveys and assisted with
distribution of two electronic newsletters and website content. The last
two publications I worked on were a revision of the HUD Rehab Guides and
an article for Home Energy Magazine March/April 2001, Seeking Green
Building on the Internet".

In addition to this work experience, I have volunteered for several
organizations related to the construction industry. I am a single parent
and have
maintained a non-profit website since 1996. See green haus at: You will find my resume online
there at the link to "Experience".

I am looking for full time or contract employment with an architectural/
firm that needs someone to perform multiple tasks and would benefit from
my advantageous combination of experience. I have a strong interest in
working for an organization with a mission to provide energy-efficient/
sustainable buildings.

Should you wish to obtain further details about my experience, please
feel free to call me at 203-840-1290 from 8am to 8pm EST.
Thank you for your time and consideration.

Debra Lombard

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