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[GreenYes] Global Warming and Oil Companies
    According to today's Wall Street Journal ("European Boycott Worries Exxon Mobil"), Exxon Mobil's chairman and CEP, Lee Raymond, "said he is concerned about a European boycott of its Esso brand products in protest of the oil giant's stance on global warming. ... Centrist and left wing European Parliament members launched the boycott earlier this month. The European campaign follows a push by international environmental groups to avoid Exxon Mobil products. A British boycott was launced with the backing of clebreties such as rock star Annie Lennox and actor Ralph Fiennes....Thos supporting the boycott say the oil giant doesn't accept that fosil-fuel emissions cause global warming. Exxon Mobil opposes the Kyoto agreement..."

    This is one more instance where it appears that effective industry influence of legislative bodies in the wake of the Gingrich Revolution in 1994 to stop new regulations has been trumped by consumer agitation, especially spilling over from Europe where environmental consciousness appears greater.  

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