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RE: Hello Vietnam
I myself must ask of this diversity, why did He not mention it since He entered office.  He and His sidekick said conservatism does not work, no need to reduce our power need, and need more oil, coal, and restart nuclear power.  He made jokes about how many Americas owned hybred cars and that tax credits should not go toward the cars or solar system on homes.  That was last week, today its all about DIVERSITY.  A change of heart or is it stupidity on His part?  Why don`t the Republicans look back in their past?  There they will find Nixon was the first President start the funding into Alternative means beyond oil because they knew we it was coming.  Ford followed thru during his term and Carter realy only combined the different reseach centers and called it The Dept. of Energy.  Why the Regans and Bushs can not see beyond Their rich oil lives, I can not understand.

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