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[GreenYes] Greenspeak - Say no to conservation, its the american way of life
This abstract includes a take action link to send a letter
to VP cheney asking for "sensible energy policy"  It is at 
the bottom of the message but before how to subscribe info.

09 May 2001
Environmental news from GRIST MAGAZINE


The Bush administration engaged in a bit of greenspeak yesterday, 
revealing that Vice President Dick Cheney's secretive energy task 
force would recommend tax credits for consumers who purchase 
gas-electric hybrid cars.  It also said it would encourage burning 
biomass to produce energy.  But for the most part, as Cheney himself 
made clear on CNN yesterday, the plan will stress ways to expand the 
supply of fossil fuel and the number of power plants in the country. 

Cheney said California's blackouts had come about because the state 
had been "relying only on conservation."  In response, California 
Gov. Gray Davis (D) issued a statement calling Cheney "grossly 

Meanwhile, in the face of rising gas prices, White House 
spokesperson Ari Fleischer said this week that President Bush 
would not urge Americans to conserve:  "That's a big no.  The 
president believes that it's an American way of life, and that it 
should be the goal of policy-makers to protect the American way of 
life.  The American way of life is a blessed one."

straight to the source:  Washington Post, Mike Allen and Eric Pianin, 
09 May 2001

straight to the source:  New York Times, Joseph Kahn, 09 May 2001

straight to the source: Slate, Timothy Noah, 08 May 2001


do good:  Take action and ask Cheney for a sensible energy policy


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