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[GreenYes] Windpower 10% on Denmarks Energy
Officials in Copenhagen, Denmark, helped to inaugurate the world's 
largest offshore windmill park this month.  The park has a capacity 
of 40 megawatts of electricity -- four times more than the 
second-largest offshore windmill park in Sweden -- and will supply 
about 3 percent of the city's energy, powering the equivalent of 
32,000 homes.  In total, more than 5,600 windmills produce about 10 
percent of Denmark's electricity, selling at about 4 cents per 
kilowatt hour.  Soeren Krohn of the windmill manufacturers 
association said wind power production in the country was expected to 
double by 2005.

straight to the source:, Associated Press, 05 May 2001

read it only in Grist Magazine:  There's something in the wind -- 
farmers are reaping rewards from wind energy -- by Lester Brown in 
our opinions column

A government-led program to encourage energy efficiency could reduce 
growth in electricity demand by 20 to 47 percent in the U.S., 
according to three-year report by the Energy Department's five 
laboratories.  The amount of energy savings would depend on the price 
of new energy technologies and how aggressively the feds promoted 
efficiency in buildings, factories, and appliances.  The savings 
would be the equivalent of 265 to 610 300-megawatt power plants, 
taking a big chunk out of the 1,300 new plants (more than one a week 
for the next 20 years) that Vice President Dick Cheney says are 
necessary.  The Bush administration has not publicized the report, 
which was completed just before President Bush took office, instead 
drawing attention to the work of economists who are skeptical of 
conservation at the Energy Department's Energy Information Agency.

straight to the source:  New York Times, Joseph Kahn, 06 May 2001

read it only in Grist Magazine:  Electric boogie -- really fun facts 
about electricity -- in our Counter Culture section

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