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[GreenYes] Haworth Binder Recycling
I am looking for recommendations on how to recycle black vinyl, 3-ring 
binders (D-ring), approximately 3" thick, containing various paper 
products like literature and price books.  The binder does not have a 
clear pocket on the outside or spline.

Rather than ship the binders back to our corporate headquarters in 
Holland, Michigan I would like to discuss local options for paper 
recycling and ideas on how to remove and recycle the paper from the 
binders.  Also, is there an organization that is interested in the binders 

There are 10,000 binders that need to be recycled.  The two largest 
regions, Los Angeles and Boston, will each have 1800 binders to be 

Heidi Quellet, A&D Programs Associate
Haworth Design & Facilities Marketing

Phone: (616) 393-3993
Fax:      (616) 393-3420

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