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[GreenYes] Question from a reader
I received a question from a reader as follows:

Do you have available "summary level" recycling information pertaining to the energy saved by recycling? For example, how long could we run a 100w bulb by recycling one aluminum can? The answer might vary significantly depending upon some of the variables such as transportation, but reasonable assumptions could be made or different values presented depending on the local variables. Similarly for plastics and paper and... The main objective I have is to present this info simply so that ordinary people can relate to the savings. Hopefully people who are marginally interested in recycling (like my wife) might become motivated to recycle.

This is the question I received and I'm sure I've seen similar information posted here. You can post any information on the Listserv or respond to this person directly a His name is Sandor Silverman.

Thanks a lot for any help.


Joe Truini
Waste News.

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