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[GreenYes] ag bags
I asked one of the folks from Ag Bag recently if the bags had recycled
content and they said no. They did say there were markets to recycle them
and I think said they'd take them back for recycling if there was a big
enough quantity, but I wouldn't swear to that!  Contact Ag Bag directly for
more information.  I unfortunately don't have contact information handy.

Date: Thu, 19 Apr 2001 15:46:16 -0700
From: "Chandramouli, Saraswati" <>
To: "'Mike Morrow'" <>,
        "''" <>
Subject: [GreenYes] Recycled content "plastic ag bag" recycling?
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I heard back from the local compost collection vendor -- Golden Gate
He thinks that they use recycled content plastic in their Ag-bags and also
haul it to their transfer station and recycle the ag-bags after end use.
But he was not completely sure.
He asked you to contact: Chris Taylor or Greg Pryor at B&J Landfill
6426 Hay Road
Vacaville, VA 95687
Phone:  707-471-3276

Amy Perlmutter
Executive Director
Chelsea Center for Recycling and
Economic Development
University of Massachusetts
180 Second Street
Chelsea, MA 02150
617-887-2300/fax 617-887-0399
visit our web site at

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