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RE: [GreenYes] Political Wall of Shame
This weeks issue of Newsweek has a pretty good article on Bush's
environmental strategy (if you can call it that).  Also, you should be able
to link to a copy of his budget proposal here: 
No guarantees as to it's user-friendly qualities!

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From: 	Ann Schneider [] 
Sent:	Wednesday, April 18, 2001 3:07 PM
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Subject:	[GreenYes] Political  Wall of Shame


I am Co-Chairing an Election Reform event in San Franicsco on May 19 and
as part of the program we will be building a "Wall of Shame" of
anti-environmental actions by the current administration (also anti
community and people too).  The designer of the Wall has listed a number
of actions and is looking for anything she may have missed.

Feel free to forward any other ideas to me and I will send to her.  Or
email directly to her.  And thanks in advance for your ideas.

Ann Schneider

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Date: Wed, 18 Apr 2001 12:54:05 EDT
Subject: REQUEST: Need help!

Hello all!

For the West coast Voter Right's march I am preparing a "Wall of Shame" 
listing the many Shrub "accomplishments" to date.  Using the wonderful 
archives at We Will Not Forget and Bush Watch I have come up with a
number of entries, but would like members here to email me privately with
that I may have missed.  Please send me any dubious achievements and, if 
possible, a link to an online article that covers them.

Here's what I have so far:

Cut training for dislocated workers
Cut funding for Wetlands Reserve Program
Cur childcare for low-income families
International abortion gag rule
Prescription contraceptives for federal employees
Cut $700 mil for repairs to public housing
Appointed Otto Reich - Iran contra figure
Cut EPA budget by $500 mil
Proposes to eliminate ability to sue for Endangered Species Ac
Rescinded mandated increased efficiency for AC & heating
Repealed ergonomic rules
Abandoned CO2 pledge
Proposed to eliminate community preparedness for disaster program
Cut $60 mil for Boys & Girls Clubs in public housing
Suspended new hardrock mining rules
Rescinded proposal to increase public's access to chemical plant
Cut funds for care for people without health insurance
Abandoned pledge to invest in rain forest protection
Appointed John Negroponte - Iran Conta figure
Cut funds for doctors' pediatric training
Cut funding for renewable energy research
Suspended rule strengthening govt. ability to deny contracts to companies

violating environ, health laws
Cut research into cleaner cars and trucks.
Proposes to eliminate new marine protections for Channel Island and
Blocked rules to require federal agencies to provide bilingual

I'm particulary interested in finding articles that refer to the closing
the White House Council on Environmental Quality, the appointment of Kay 
Coles James to Office of Personnel Management, and the arsenic issue.

Thanks for your help!

San Francisco

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