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[GreenYes] Used Bldg Material in new construction

I am looking for buildings in the greater San Francisco Bay Area 
that have used used building materials in new construction either 
as structural or finish work.  I am planning on taking photographs
for a training package on deconstruction and building with used 
materials.  The photos will be intended to show that used building 
materials can work and look beautiful in new construction.  

The used building materials must be exposed or be in the process of 
being constructed so I can capture the look of the material.

So far, I have very few examples in my collection:

Sebastopol Chamber of Commerce
Smith & Hawkins Retail Store in Los Gatos
Barn in Santa Cruz Mountains

Any leads you can provide, hopefully including phone or email of a
contact person would be greatly appreciated.

Ann Schneider                                               
Ann Schneider & Associates - Reuse, Recycling & Environmental Consulting
430 Hillwood Ct.    
Mtn. View, CA 94040        
650 988-1368 Phone &  fax
*Prevent spinal injuries caused from holding a phone on your shoulder,
use a headset!*

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