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[GRRN] Places to Recycle Coffee Grounds (compostables) varies by City
Due to franchise agreements, places to recycle compostables (coffee grounds)
varies by the City of Peet's location.  The StopWa$te Partnership is working
with 3 coffee rosters and their retail outlets in Alameda County to maximize
material use and reduce waste.
One of these companies is in Oakland - all they have in their trash is
non-recyclable plastic coffee bags -- which they are thinking of redesigning
for recyclability.  Coffee grounds and coffee chaff and all compostables
from this facility is going to a food scrap collection vendor operating in
Oakland.  Emeryville will be soon in their route too.  This vendor, that
Gail uses for her Piedmont store, works with an Ag-Bag system to compost the
collected food scraps.  That is the "plastic tube" that Gail is talking
about.  (Oakland Zoo also uses Ag-Bag to compost on-site.  At the end of
their use, these bags are recycled for the plastic.)

City of Berkeley has a food collection program for businesses and they do
not seem to have a minimum quantity (for pick-up) requirement.  They
recently started picking up coffee grounds/chaff and all compostables from
one of the partnership members in Berkeley.  They also provide containers
inside the facility and train the employees for maximum recovery/avoiding
contamination etc...  Contact: Rogelio Marquino, Recycling Operations
Supervisor; City of Berkeley - (510) 981-6350 ext. 6355

In both these cases there is a fee for picking up and transporting these

I would be most interested to hear other resources and ideas, please post on
greenyes or my e-mail is "".

From: "Paul Goettlich" <>
Subject: Coffee Grounds looking for Places to be Recycled

Currently 2 tons per week are being composted. I didn't note where they are
being composted. I think Gail Greenlees said the composting is being done in
plastic tubes that have air flowing through them (plastic tubes worry me a
bit for obvious reasons). 

Please suggest locations for recycling and give names of contacts.

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