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[GreenYes] Fwd: Earth on the Edge (Another smashing Moyers report)

>Dear Friends,
>The following report by Bill Moyers will be premiering on PBS June 19,
>2001 at 8 p.m. EST (check local listings) with a related website launch
>date of June 1, 2001.
>See for more information.
>Acclaimed journalist Bill Moyers and an award-winning team of producers
>reveal recent scientific evidence that we are approaching a key
>environmental threshold. Bill Moyers Reports: Earth on Edge showcases
>new data depicting the scale of human impact on the planet's life-support
>systems. The two-hour broadcast explores one of the the most important
>questions of the new century: What is happening to Earth's capacity to
>support nature and civilization?
>The broadcast coincides with the launch of the Millennium Ecosystem
>Assessment, an international effort to gauge the health of the world's
>forests, grasslands, coastal and freshwater areas. Preliminary findings
>were featured in the World Resources Institute's World Resources
>People and Ecosystems: The Fraying Web of Life. The statistics from
>their preliminary findings are staggering: half the world's wetlands lost
>one century, half the world's forests chopped down, 70 percent of the
>world's major marine fisheries depleted, the world's reefs at risk.
>But the broadcast pushes well past the numbers. Moyers and his team also
>take us on a journey of hope to meet people from the American Midwest to
>Mongolia who are pioneering sustainable solutions to ecological
>problems.  Each story takes place in one of five major ecosystems:
>agriculture, coastal, grassland, and fresh water. Reports from Kansas,
>Columbia, Brazil, holes in the fabric of
>life.  This broadcast profiles individuals who are confronting the
>head on, people who understand how their lives depend on Earth's
>and how their own energy and dedication might help restore them.
>Moyers tells individual stories, in far-flung locations, but in the end
>it is strikingly clear that the program is about all of us-what we've
>to the Earth and what we can still do to turn things around, if we act
>quickly.  Bill Moyers Reports: Earth on Edge will be augmented by an
>extensive web
>site as well as an education and outreach campaign directed by WRI. The
>site will provide in-depth information about ecosystems as well as
>updates on
>their status and information about how you can take action.
>WRI is also organizing a series of live events and panel discussions
>promoting public dialogue around the issues raised by Earth on Edge and
>the Millennium Ecosystem Assessment.
>K. Lauren de Boer, Editor/Executive Director
>EarthLight Magazine
>111 Fairmount Ave.
>Oakland, CA  94611
>(510) 451-4926
>(510) 451-3505--fax

Gary Liss
Fax: 916-652-0485

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