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[GRRN] CCQC Compost USe Workshop
- Apologies for cross/duplicate postings-

The California Compost Quality Council is pleased to announce the following
Compost Use Workshop (please see attached brochure for more info):

Mulch and Compost Use:
How You Can Benefit From Buying Recycled

May 31, 2001
Grace E. Simons Lodge, Griffith Park, Los Angeles
8:00 am - 2:00 PM 

Sponsored By:
       Sanitation Districts of Los Angeles County
       City of Los Angeles
       Los Angeles County Department of Public Works
       Southern California Council on the Environment and Development
       California Integrated Waste Management Board

Get answers to the following questions:

What are the benefits of using compost and mulch?
How can you create specifications for mulch and compost products?
Which compost and mulch products work best for my application?
Are there new and innovative uses for municipal compost?
Will using compost help my agency comply with AB 75/AB 939?

Who Should Attend?

Local Government Officials
Recycling Coordinators
Parks and Recreation Department personnel
Streets/Transportation Department personnel
Erosion Control Managers
Watershed Managers
Procurement Officials
Landscape Maintenance personnel
State Agency Representatives
Compost Facility Operators

For more information you can:

1. Go to the CCQC web site (
2. Call CCQC @ 530-265-4560.

Matthew Cotton

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