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[GreenYes] Pepsi & Recycled Content
I would have to expect that Coke is wondering, at this 
point, why  all the attention continues to be focused on 
them when Pepsi has so far not publicly made any 
statement of intent to move forward. In this they would 
seem to have a definite point.

Coke is the market leader, with 44% U.S. market share, 
and about 50% world-wide.  But GRRN has started a 
letter writing campaign to Pepsi, asking them to use 
25% recycled plastic and to work for 80% recycling rate 
for all beverage containers within five years.  Consumers 
and concerned citizens can write PepsiCo CEO Enrico 
from our web site.  Organizations can sign on to a 
letter to the PepsiCo board supporting a shareholder 
resolution making the same demands, also from our 
web site (Pepsi's meeting is May 2nd).  

Please go today to: 

The consumer letter is reproduced here:

Dear Mr. Enrico: 

PepsiCo, Inc., with 31 percent U.S. soft drink market, 
needs to take responsibility for solving the problem of 
increasing beverage container waste.  

For starters, I ask you as CEO of the second largest soft 
drink company in the world, to start using 25 PERCENT 
RECYCLED PLASTIC in the billions of plastic soda 
bottles you sell in the United States every year.  Coca-
Cola has started using some recycled plastic, but Pepsi 
has done nothing.

Solving the waste problem goes beyond using recycled 
plastic. Pepsi needs to take responsibility for increasing 
collection of bottles for recycling. Bottle deposit programs 
in 10 U.S. states are the only proven method for achieving 
an 80 PERCENT RECYCLING RATE of used bottles, but 
Pepsi has spent millions of dollars opposing deposit laws.

I look forward to PepsiCo Inc. making a public 
commitment to recycling goals that are at least as high as 
rates currently being achieved here and abroad now: 
25% plastic recycled content and 80% collection for all 

A Concerned Consumer

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