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[GreenYes] thanks
Hi List :o)
I wanted to send a thanks to all those that sent me a reply on getting a
recycling program going here in our little community.
There were several that offered to forward me information, and I am willing
to accept it!! Send as many as you can!
I live in Drummond's a little farm community just SW of Enid,
in north central oklahoma. Enid does have a recycling program, but we do not
go thru enid for anything but water out here.  It may be help, though, as
far as where the recyclables end up being taken.
You ALL have been a wonderful help!!! I know there are a large group of
people that care about the Earth....(I'm on several Spiritweb lists)....but
never have I been on a list where there are so many members that are so
imformative, and it appears, very determined to succeed at what matters the
most! :o)
I am happy to have found this list, and although I might be silent for the
most part, please know that I will be in the background reading along with
all the posts, and learning as much as I can!!
So...Thanks Again!
Much Love to you all, and to our Mother Earth!!

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