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Re: Photocopier Toner
Some copy machines have a bottle that catches excess toner that didn't stick
to the paper in making copies.  My research a few years ago consisted of
checking out the MSDS on toner.  It is basically fine carbon particles.  It
poses the respiratory hazards of any fine dust - that's all.  A local toner
cartridge rebuilder told me it needs to be really clean and pure to put back
in a cartridge, and it's too cheap to mess with the used stuff.

So I toss it in the trash, contained, so no one is going to breathe the

----- Forwarded by Rebecca Duckworth
     Hello Heidi,

     We have toner for a 1989 Ricoh 4430 photocopier we excessed 3 years
     ago.  Can you tell me how I can dispose of the toner?  This has been a
     burning question for me for years.  I appreciate your help.

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